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Which LED Letter Sign Brightness Effect Is Better?

For many customers who want to make LED luminous signs, I believe everyone wants to custom design a luminous sign with considerable brightness and high conspicuousness, then the question is what material should be used to make the luminous sign with better brightness which has become a more concerned issue for customers.

The best is the resin sign. Resin sign is several times brighter than other luminous signs by following reasons:

1. Resin has high light transmittance, the transparent resin is as crystal clear as water without any other impurities.

2. Most of the light sources used for resin characters are small-sized SMD lamps, and the density of LED modules is very large. Each square character is more than 350 modules, which is several times higher than that of acrylic luminous characters.

3. The thickness of the resin letter product is very thin, due to the characteristics of uniform light of the resin, it can achieve a thickness of 3cm without dark spots, and the light loss is minimal.

4. The resin letter case is coated with reflective paint to maximize the use of the light source.

In short, under the same light source conditions, the luminous brightness of resin letter is nearly double that of acrylic luminous letter. In addition, resin letter have much better energy consumption than acrylic luminous letter in terms of advertising effect and environmental protection.

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