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Our Features


Qualified and certified LED light Materials

    The materials used by and products made by Shining Sign are all qualified and certified. We have SGS and CE for our Light Strip, Acrylic and power adapter, and CE certificate for our assembled LED light products.

Plug and Power Support


Two kinds of luminous material


Better Accessories support


Assembled Sign intact check

Light Strip intact check

Sign Product Check Before Send Out  

Every single piece of LED sign is made by hands so we must check and test the integrity.

1. Check the light strip with bottom of sign.

2. Check the assembled sign then light it up 48 hours at least. 

Customized Sign Support

What signs do you need? Flex neon, acrylic sign, stainless steel sign, resin sign, bulb sign, Ad light box...we have all you need.

Warranty and Quality Guarantee

Shining Sign provides 24 months sign warranty and quality guarantee. Any questions please let us know and we are happy to answer.


All orders are made-to-order or customized, so we do not afford any return/exchanges. Usually there are two circumstances:

1. Production Error

There will be two options available when we produce things with wrong way:

  • A. Reproduce the incorrect items

          We will make it right with no additional cost to you!

  • B. Refund.

          50% amount of incorrect items can be refunded.

Please NOTE: Any damaged/incorrect item needs proof such as photo and video provided by you to let us archive and avoid it next time, thank you for your support!

Please visit our Store to see detailed Refund Policy

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