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Bulb sign, SS shell with colorful LED bulbs

details of marquee letter sign

Marquee Letter shell colors

marquee letter sign style

Large bulb_marquee signs

We are doing single 10" (25.4cm) height marquee letter as $24 for your price compare.

Please note: Our marquee signs are made of high grade 304-stainless steel shell. Visit Amazon or eBay If you're looking for plastic, wood or other material made marquee letters, thank you!

Send us email: for marquee letter customization details.

We supply 0-9 and A-Z marquee letters to customers, free design, fast quotation and cheap pricing!


Q: How does bulb sign work?

A: LED Bulbs are embedded in SS shell with waterproof rubber cover. Widely used in theme restaurants, wedding party, stores, night shows and other relevant places.

Q: What features does marquee sign have?

A: Easy maintain (easy replace LED bulb), high brightness, distinctive, big size ability.

1. Material: LED bulbs + Stainless steel shell.

2. Stainless steel shell color: electroplated, painted, brushed.

3. LEDs Color: white(3,000K | warm white/6,500K | white /10,000K | cold white).

4. Production Process: CNC stainless steel shell - assemble light bulbs.

5. Accessories: necessary screw nuts, etc.

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