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What are the basis for choosing different light source types for LED luminous characters?

There are many kinds of luminous light sources for LED luminous characters. Some parties have difficulties in using light sources and do not know how to choose. The light source products used in luminous characters are: led modules, led light strips.

First of all, it is necessary to consider whether the font shape of the luminous characters has special requirements for the shape and performance of the light source. For fonts of different shapes, use light source products with special lighting effects to meet the needs of lighting, so as to keep them in the process of use. The overall effect of the font can also be applied in all aspects of the font in the work.

The color temperature of the luminous characters is different, the light color is also different, and the atmosphere created is also different. No matter what the color temperature is, the color temperature between different fonts of the luminous characters must be guaranteed to be free of deviation, otherwise the overall appearance of the luminous characters will be affected.

All luminous characters are rarely disassembled and maintained after installation, because the cost of doing so is very high. Generally, the selected light source products must have a long service life, reduce the number of disassembly and maintenance, and to ensure the stability of the use effect.

In fact, most of the problems can be avoided by the manufacturer during production. Good manufacturers will control the occurrence of problems and will not cause unnecessary trouble to customers. Over the years, Shining Sign has created ideal backlit letters for major brands with rich experience and a professional after-sales team, allowing you to save time, effort and worry. Action is worse than heartbeat, hurry up to consult!

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