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Resin with Stainless Steel Return - 304 stainless steel

Metal groove letter shell poured with plastic resin

Q: How does resin sign work?
A: Front illuminated (Lights through resin surface), LEDs inside the SS shell.

Q: What features does resin sign have?
A: Clear and glossy, uniform(no seams on the surface of the letter no matter how big), light weight (safer and easier during high Installation).

1. Material: around 10mm resin surface + LEDs + SS shell.

2. SS Color: electroplated, painted, brushed.

3. LEDs Color: red, green, blue, orange, purple, white(4,500K/6,500K/10,000K), etc.

4. Resin Color: Same as light color or UV printing service available.

4. Production Process: CNC SS - pour resin - 6 to 8 hours solidify - assemble.

5. Accessories: necessary screw nuts, etc.

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