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Multi-layer Mirror Sign

LED sign box, two mirrors, neon strip inside, visual shock, very good to display.

Q: How does this LED mirror box work?
A: Two mirrors in light-emitting box reflect the image of neon stripe which is inside the box also. Overall thickness is around 6-10mm.

Q: What's the feature of LED mirror box?
A : Special shape available, bright colors, durability, long life, good display and decorative effect, energy saving and environmental protection, indoor/outdoor.

1. Material: 1.5mm PVC sheet with silver mirror (bottom) + thickened tempered glass (front) + stainless steel (edge).

2. LEDs Color: red, green, blue, orange, purple, white(4,500K/6,500K/10,000K), etc.

3. Production Process: CNC - Assemble.

4. Accessories: Installation drawing and necessary screw nuts, etc.

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